When Eating Healthier Backfires

Two weeks ago I started a new diet which I’m really not calling a diet since it’s more about eating better. I cut out diary, carbs, sugar and processed food and was only eating fruit, veggies, beans, nuts and meat. I was doing really well the first week and actually started to enjoy it. Then after a few days I noticed my milk supply took a dip šŸ™ I’m a just enougher and I feel like anything I do affects my supply, whether it’s changing my eating habits or working out. I’m still working out 2-3 times a week but making sure I get all my calories in. It may not seem like a big deal but trying to lose weight and breastfeeding at the same time is hard. Unless you are an oversupplier and can keep up with what your baby demands, there are some sacrifices you’re going to have to make. I was talking to Joshio as to what I should do and he said, “What’s more important?” Jacob is more important and his needs are my priority so for now I’m putting back some carbs (Not mad about that! lol) and just watching my sugar in take (I’m a candy and sweets addict). The weight will come off eventually but my little man won’t be this small forever and I won’t always be breastfeeding. Pass over the biscuits please… šŸ™‚

Anyway, we’ve really been enjoying our summer and went to the Braves vs Dodgers game last week. The new Braves stadium is so nice and I love all the shops they have around it. They lost šŸ™ which was good for Joshio since he’s a Dodger fan. I really didn’t even watch the game and ate tacos, walked around and took pics haha. When we got there Callie was like “Let’s go mommy! We gotta go play” I was like what? She thought we were going to play the baseball game lol. I explained we were just watching the game, she was ready to leave by the 4th inning šŸ˜€

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