We’re Having A…

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You just don’t know how overjoyed we are to announce that we are having a little baby BOY!!! As you can see from the video above, I was in complete shock and still am (a little 😉 )

We have so many girls in the family that I seriously thought we were having another. Obviously there was always that 50% chance of a boy but I thought our family has been so blessed with girls and that was it. Joshio had been saying it was a boy since I got pregnant and Callie kept calling the baby “baby brother”, I guess those two have better instincts that me-hehe!

This is the first gandson for both sides of the family. My parents have 7 granddaughters (one on the way from my sis-in-law) and Joshio’s parents have two grandaughters. Let’s just say that this will be a new expereince for ALL of us.

The Lord has been so good to us and I keep remembering when (while we were trying) I would remind myself that He is waiting in our future and I didn’t need to stress or worry. It’s so surreal to see it all unfold now and know that He WAS here waiting for us. Sometimes I picture the Lord chuckling saying “I told you so” lol.


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