Wekiwa Springs


So while everyone was driving up north to evacuate Florida, we’re over here having a darling time at Wekiwa Springs…lol. But seriously, we were planning on leaving Thursday anyway and I figured traffic was going to be bad no matter what time we left so I insisted we stop at the springs and I am happy we did! The water was freezing but after a few minutes you’re body adjusts and gets numb. This was our last outing before heading home. I really enjoyed this vacation and wanted to soak it all in since I’m pretty sure it’s the only long vacation we’ll have for the rest of the year. Both Callie and Jacob behaved so well (minus a few tantrums here and there from Callie-typical 3 eyar old stuff) and let me just say that having family around to help with the kiddos is a plus! If you’re ever in Florida make sure you visit one of the springs, the water reminded me of the underwater caves in Cancun.

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