We Got Our Hair Done! Meet My Stylist

Hey Y’all!

How cute is Callie at her 1st ever hair cut!?! We just did a little trim but still, she’s adorable 🙂 We also added some pink hair chalk and sparkles just for fun

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my hair 🙂 I get a lot of compliments on my hair and truthfully I can’t take all the credit. I do style it on my own on a daily basis but I get it colored and cut as often as I can. I remember I used to dread getting my hair colored or cut because the color wouldn’t come out the way I wanted or the stylist would cut WAY too much hair off and in the end I would always leave upset 🙁 (So frustrating) So now that I have a great stylist, I must share her with the world-lol!
My stylist is actually my best friend Katy 🙂 I’ve known her for many years now and last year she graduated from school and is now a stylist at Genesis Salon By 124 located in Snellville, GA. She is seriously amazeballs and never disappoints.

Color- I’ve had this balayage color for the longest time now (even before going to katy) and it just works for me. Its low maintenance and I love the golden tones. I’ve thought about venturing out and trying different colors but honestly have been too scared to (maybe one day!) so for now this is my go to look. I can go months without touching up and my natural hair just blends right in. Katy used Keune Magic, to balayage my hair and followed up with Keune semi color to cancel out any orange or yellow that may have pulled from the undertones in my hair.
Cut– as for my haircut and length-I’ve always loved long hair! Short hair is cute and probably super convenient but for me long hair is my thang. I even wear extensions sometimes to give me an extra 4″ of length. When I get my hair cut I ask for an “eyelash trim”, this is where they barely cut the ends and only remove the split ends or dead hair. This technique also allows you to grow your hair faster without cutting off everything you just grew.

Styling- I style my hair with the Nume Titan 3. I use the biggest 32mm barrel. This is pretty much what I use everday to give me effortless looking waves. I can also do this one day, sleep in a loose bun and be good the next few days without touching up (super convenient). I did a video a loooong time ago using the wand, you can find the video here.

To book an appointment Call The Salon and ask for Evie (her stylist name)
Genesis Salon at Webb Gin-(770) 972-9900

The Shoppes at Webb Gin,

1250 Scenic Hwy N,

Lawrenceville, GA 30045


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