Up In The Mountains

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^Preggos^img_6233 img_6242 img_6246 img_6259

^Love getting her outside to enjoy nature (even though she wanted to be carried the entire time)lol^img_6263 img_6264 img_6266 img_6272 img_6287 img_6289

^How cute are they!?^img_6292 img_6295 img_6297 img_6300

I really cherish every moment spent with Family. It can be a little chaotic sometimes but the older I’ve gotten the more I realize that family is everything. A few weekends ago we went up to Dahlonega, GA and enjoyed a beautiful fall day. It was that ONE weekend in the GA that actually felt like fall and it was freezing in the mountains! The wind felt like slaps on the face but nonetheless we had a great time. Callie loves playing and spending time with her little cousins. They are so goofy together and she has learned so much from them. It really has prepared her for a sibling.

I’ve said this before (in this post here) and I’ll say it again, if you live in GA-the little town of Dahlonega is perfect for getting that Fall feeling. You can walk around and enjoy some yummy pizza, get some fudge, or buy some antiques. It really is adorable.

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