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Hi Mommas!

I’m a first-time mom of a beautiful little toddler that is now 19 months old. Although when she first graced us with her presence all this sleep-deprived, new mom could see was a crying/screaming little human with no clue as to what to do. What really helped me during her first year of life was this app called “Mom’s On Call”. Several friends recommended this to me when I had so many questions on getting my baby on a schedule. I had to go back to work in 3 months and needed this baby to sleep! The app, I believe, is for iPhones but you can find out more information here. They provide tons of advice and tips and tricks for sleep training your baby.

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This app follows the EASY method, which stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep and You. The point of this is to teach your baby not to fall asleep while eating which can throw everything off.

Callie was sleeping 8 hours straight at 4 weeks and 12 hours by the time she was 5 months-Just remember, every baby is different! I didn’t follow the recommended schedules to a T and adjusted as I saw fit. Sometimes she would be one schedule ahead or behind for her age. Do what works for you!

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So now on to her schedule now at 19 months, which is a little different in the summer. Since it stays bright outside so late (until 9pm sometimes) it’s really hard to get her to sleep so early. Also, dad gets home around 6:30pm and wants to spend time with her. In the winter, she typically goes to sleep earlier and everything gets pushed up in the day.

8:00/8:30amWAKE UP!

 Callie wakes up between 8 and 8:30am,

sometimes until 9 (depending on how tired she is)


9am- PLAY

(During this time we either watch Sesame Street (she LOVES Elmo!), play, go to the store, color, read books, etc.


11:15am- PLAY

(Same as above)

12:15ish- LUNCH

After lunch we start winding down to get ready for nap time

1:00pm- NAP TIME

(For the most part Callie sleeps for 2 ½ hours, sometimes less)

3:45/4:00pm- SNACK

4:00-6:00pm- PLAY

 6:30pm- DINNER

 7:30pm- BATH TIME

8:00pm- READ A BOOK

 8:15/8:30pm- NIGHT NIGHT

I’d like to mention that for the most part this is her daily routine but as you already may be aware, every day with a toddler is different. The most important part of her day for us is her feeding times (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and nap time. Without her nap, she is not a happy baby.

Anyway, I hope this helps you! Please feel free to share routines/schedules that have worked for you!

Would you like to know what my toddler eats for my next mommy hood post??

God Bless!

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