This Girl is on Fire!

So, if you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen a picture of me flaunting my new, very long hair extensions. I purchased these 24″ extensions to wear mainly with braids since once you put your hair in a braid it shortens and gets flimsy.

I like wearing my hair in a braid for work because it is so easy to get ready in the morning which lets me sleep in a little more.

The other day I went to work with my hair in a long, Dutch style braid (like the picture below). I came home (tired as always) and started cooking. This night I made these delicious lasagna rolls. The first step in the dinner process was to cook the lasagna noodles according to the package instructions which required me to boil some water and then place the noodles in the water and return to a boil.

FullSizeRender (2)

As I’m placing the noodles in the water a strange smell caught my attention. I said to myself “Smells like something is burning”, I immediately look down and realize that the tips of my braid (the weave part) were on fire! They were the perfect length to somehow make their way into the burner of my gas stovetop. I quickly removed “my” hair. I ended up having to trim several inches of the extensions to remove the burnt hair.

Public Service Announcement: DO NOT cook with weave on!

I wish I had a picture of the burnt hair but I didn’t plan on sharing this until my friend Zoe said it was funny. So I hope you’ve had a good laugh and have realized to never take yourself to seriously, God Bless!


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  1. What brand of extensions do you have? are they clip in or tape or beaded? I would have never guessed you had them!

    1. Hi! They are Laced Hair Extensions. There’s a link above (under the picture) that will take you to their website. They are clip-in, 24″ ombre extensions. 🙂

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