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Green Sweater: H&M (similar here , here , and here), Brown Boots with Black Detail: H&M, Cream Sweater: H&M, Brown Booties With Heel: Target

Over sized sweaters are the best!

Don’t you agree? I remember when it was in style to wear thick, tight sweater that just made you look bigger than you really were. Also, I know these are in style now, but crop top sweaters just don’t fly with me. I mean, I’m cold-so why would I want my belly showing?

Oversize sweaters are socially acceptable blankets-LOL! Why are they so amazing? Well, you can hide any extra weight you’ve been caring around 🙂 and did I mention they are super comfortable….seriously, do you need anymore excuses?

So if you haven’t’ jumped on the band wagon, hop on in! Here are a few of my favorite sweaters.

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