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First day of traveling is always a little chaotic. What was supposed to be a 6 hour trip actually took us 8 hours with potty and food breaks and towards the end of our trip Callie woke up from her nap extra hot and not feeling so well (poor baby). At least we made it in time before the sunset and we were able to enjoy the beach. For some reason, every time we come to Florida we get rained on and Sunday and Monday were the only days that it said it wasn’t going to rain so we had to take advantage of the beach. Callie didn’t like the dry sand (she’s a bit of a diva) but liked the wet sand and watching the water come up. It was so windy and my hair was all over the place, lol!

Floral Dress: Charming Charlie (picked up on sale last year) 😉 Floral Headbands: Target and H&M Callie’s Dress: TJMaxx

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