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Hello Ladies!

I wanted to share a new (to me) website I found for online clothes shopping. Online shopping can be a little tricky but you can find some really great deals. You all know how much I love and how I raved about it here. I really like this site but I did have a few complaints as far as clothes sizing and shipping.

One of the girls I follow on Instagram shared her outfit details on her blog and mentioned this website-  I decided to take a look and really fell in love with the clothes. The best thing (in my opinion) about the site is their style gallery and reviews. You can select anything on the site, scroll down and see pictures of  women just like you and me with that item on. The reviews are also very detailed so you can see what size other people purchased compared to their height and weight. It’s really great!

There have been some items I’ve been interested in but read the reviews and decided to pass. Some of the items I’ve purchased I selected a different size based on the reviews and other people’s feedback. For example, the grey dress that I bought looked very cute in the picture but a lot of the reviews stated it was a form fitting material. Based on that, I ordered a size L to make sure it fit the way I wanted it to.

Shipping is also great, it takes them about one week to process and one week for you to get your item (2 weeks total).

Below are some items that I purchased. I started on the site mainly for the blanket scarves but then some other items caught my attention. 😉

Red Classic Plaid Fringe Scarve


Yellow Long Sleeve Casual Dress


  • Yellow Long Sleeve Casual Dress– This is not yellow! lol. This dress is so comfy and flowy, great with leggings or stocking or by itself for the spring. $9.99 -Ordered Size SKhaki Plaid Tassel Knit Scarve

Khaki Plaid Tassel Knit Scarve– This scarf is so soft and warm. The pattern is really nice too and make it looks expensive 😉 $13.40

Grey Round Neck Casual Dress


  • Grey Round Neck Casual Dress– Love this dress! It’s so comfy and the material is really nice. Easy to dress up or down. $9.99-Ordered Size L

Black Casual Oversize Hat


  • Black Casual Oversize Hat– This hat is super cool. I love the way it fits. It was a little pricier than what I would’ve liked to pay but I have worn it several times so I think it’s worth it. $17.89

Brown Long Sleeve Lapel Pockets Coat


Black Buttons Scalloped Slim Skirt

  • Black Buttons Scalloped Slim Skirt– This skirt was a FAIL! It is super cute and I read that it ran small so I ordered a L but it was still sooo small. I couldn’t even get it up past my thighs lol. $12.90

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