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I’m excited to finally say that my sweet angel is officially potty trained!!!! This is a huge milestone for us both; I thought I would never get to this point since I had tried so many times in past and failed. I tried last summer when she was 18 months because I had seen online that there were some babies that learned early in age and I thought, “Well heck…why not mine?” Well that didn’t go over so well because of various reasons but the main one was because neither of us was ready. I tried two more times after that, around 20 months and once she turned 2 but failed again.

So what happened recently that made you want to try again? Well, glad you asked… 😉

One afternoon, after work, I picked up Callie from my mom’s house and took her to Walmart to buy a few things. While we were leaving the store, she told me she had pooped in her diaper. Since I had picked her up from my mom’s, I didn’t have any extra diapers with me in the car. I decided to change her and let her go commando until we got home. As I was changing her I thought to myself, “This girl is way too big for this”. I was tired of changing poopy diapers on my not so little baby. I had to make one stop to publix and I didn’t want to go all the way home to put a diaper on her just to leave again so I decided to take her to publix with nothing but her pants on. She did so well until we got to the checkout register and she peed on herself and all over the little car buggy (you know, those green ones). I was so embarrassed but we just cleaned it up and headed home. It was that afternoon that I decided to potty train her. I felt like she was old enough and smart enough to start understanding and controlling her little body.

A few notes:

  • Callie is 2 years and 3 months old
  • I started training her Thursday March 24th (in the afternoon) and she was fully potty trained (during the day) in one week
  • She had a few accidents during that week of training
  • She pooped in the toilet for the first time on Day 2!
  • She can hold her pee during nap time and bedtime for the most part but I still put on a regular pull-up for sleeping.
  • I still take her potty seat with us everywhere we go and an extra pair of clothes just in case she has an accident (ya neva know)

So, here are some tips and tricks that helped me get her trained in just one week:

  1. PATIENCE– When I mentioned that potty training didn’t work in the past, part of it was because I wasn’t ready. You have to make sure you are ready as a parent and disciplined enough to take them to the potty. Also, they WILL have accidents! The first time Callie had an accident, I yelled at her and got really frustrated (like she was supposed to get this potty training thing right off the bat). The only thing that did was scare her and she would start freaking out when she actually went in the toilet.
  2. BOOKS- I learned quickly that using the potty takes time, especially for a toddler that just started learning. At first, I would sit Callie on the potty and she would say “all done” right away. Instead of just staring at her until she went, I grabbed a bunch of her books to read while we waited.
  3. ENCOURAGEMENT– When she would actually start peeing, she would get scared and start freaking out so the minute I heard pee come out I would get really excited in front of her and start clapping my hands and start laughing. She loved it and would start laughing with me. 🙂 Some phrases I would use:
    • Good job Callie!
    • You’re such a big girl!
    • Bye bye pee pee (when we would flush)
    • You did it!
    • Give me five!
    • Ok, now Mommy’s turn (so she would see that I go to)
  4. TREATS– I honestly didn’t have to start this because the books and encouragement were enough and she was catching on pretty quickly but just to make her potty time extra special, I would give her a treat (one or two peanut butter m&ms)
  5. PULL-UPS OVER UNDERWEAR– One reason I wasn’t ready in the past about potty training was because I thought I had to be stuck at home for days until she would get it. Funny enough, I start training on a Thursday and that weekend was Easter weekend and were soooo busy, the hubs was actually kinda mad I started on such a busy weekend-haha! Thursday afternoon and Friday I was able to train at home and when I had to go out on the weekend, I would put underwear on her first and then a pull-up. This way, she could feel if she had an accident or feel that she was wearing underwear but if she actually had an accident then there wouldn’t be a mess everywhere because she had the pull-up on over. I went to cracker barrel on Saturday (no accidents) and we had church on Sunday (no accidents).
  6. TAKE YOUR POTTY WITH YOU– When we do go out, I take this potty seat everywhere I go (in its own, separate bag). It makes life so much easier-one, because she can sit by herself and I don’t have to hold her, two- because they love touching the seat when they’re on it and instead of touching the toilet, she grabs onto the little green handles and three- because (I think) she associates this seat with going potty and she already knows. Friday evening (2nd day of training), we were at church and she pooped for the first time! Which was a surprise to me because I heard/read getting them to poop would be a struggle. She was scared at first but I kept telling her it’s OK and to PUSH! hehe 😀potty
  7. WHEN THEY’RE READY– The most important thing to realize is that your toddler will let you know when they’re ready. It’s crazy how us mothers sense these things but I felt Callie was ready. The times before I don’t think she was old enough to control her bladder and hold it until she made it to the potty. I felt she was ready now and that’s what made it so easy and quick.


I hope this helps you! Just remember, do what works for you and your baby! Good Luck and God Bless!


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