Our New Home

Hi Everyone!!!

So it has been a looooong weekend and it seems like it just doesn’t end! Just some history- we were supposed to close on this house December 30th but the seller had an emergency and left the country so we had to reschedule for the Jan 6th. The people buying our house were gracious enough to let us stay a little longer in our old house but that meant we had less time to get everything out once we did close on the new house (4 days compared to 7). We finally closed last Friday on our new home and got in right away with cleaning and painting. This home has been unoccupied for about a year so it needed a good cleaning.

We had to move this past weekend which was the coldest weekend of the season, like freezing temperatures! AND it was supposed to snow which it didn’t (thank God) but still made it really tiring to move. Fortunately, we have amazing friends and family that helped us soooooo much and got us setup Saturday. I’m really limited on what I can do (being pregnant and all) so I was so grateful for everyone’s help.

The house is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with tons of living space. We’ve unpacked most of our things but still have a few boxes to go through. I also need to decorate and hang up things like drapes, wall decor and what not. We’re also changing the floor in the living room, dining room and family room. Joshio decided to take this project on so hopefully it will get done this weekend but we’ll see. I’m trying to pace myself because right now I want everything done and in place but I know these things take time. My plan is to get the majority of things done and settled in by the end of January to be able to host a baby shower/house warming party in February and be ready for baby in March (eeek! so excited!)

Anyway, I’ll be posting some before and after pictures of the interior once we make some progress.

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