Off Duty Basics

Hi Ladies,

I’m really excited to be sharing a little about this site. Most of the information and opinions will be found on my video so be sure to check it out. Below is the list of items I purchased. (the items are hyperlinked so if you click on them it will send you to the item on their website) 😉

Mini Covers

Cassie Basic Pushup Bra-Beige

Adele Sports Bra-Grey 

Veronica Cami Sports Bra-Grey-OneSize

Adele 2 Tone Mesh Sports Bra-Dark Grey

Katy Lace Extreme Push-Up Bra

Zara Seamless Floral Cup Bra

Fitted Deep V-Neck Tee-Grey

Women’s The Favorite Tee-White 

Women’s The Favorite Tee-Black

Yona Thick-lined Fleece Leggings-Black

Yona Thick Lined Fleece Leggings-Heather Grey

Original Belt Shapewear- Medium-Beige

Minimizing Full Body Briefer Nude-Medium

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