New Season


^The truth is that it was freezing this day^

^Why is my mouth so big!, lol…I one of those open mouth laughers πŸ˜€ ^

^Joshio was trying to make Callie laugh and smile and instead I started cracking up! ^

^ It was cold but I really wanted to get a pic of her outfit ^


^She wasn’t having it^


^ok, we’ll put your sweater back on ^





^Momma’s girl ^







Hi There!

It’s been forever since I’ve just sat down and typed away. I’ve been working a lot on my youtube channel and also have been really occupied with church things. I seriously don’t know how I keep track of everything!

Well, my birthday was a few weeks ago and I had a great time celebrating with friends and family. My b-day is March 16th and I really like having a late winter birthday because with my b-day comes the changing of the season. I feel like with each year I get a fresh start and the flowers start to blossom and the weather starts to warm up and it just makes me feel really good. I was actually happy this year that I was turning 28. I was telling some friends that sometimes I feel older than what I am, with having a two year old, my career and various responsibilities I feel like I’m in my thirties already so when I reminded myself I was turning 28 this year, I actually got really happy πŸ™‚ I still got two more year where I can say I’m in my 20’s.

I’ve been wanting to take pictures with Cherry Blossoms every since I saw this post from Barefoot Blonde. Now, I know these aren’t Cherry Blossoms and we didn’t nearly have as many flowers on the ground but it’s the best we could do and I think they came out really nice. We always get our yearly anniversary pictures in October but those are always fall themed so I was excited about getting a lot more bright colors in these.

I have the worst luck with weather when it comes to photo shoots. When we took our winter holiday pictures (here) it was that one day when it was freezing and the wind was smacking us in the face. It was so cold and we were only out for like 20 minutes. The days leading up to this spring shoot, the weather was perfect and in the 70’s but on this day it was like in the 40’s!!! I was so mad but it is what it is and we went with it.

It’s been a year since we miscarried and have been trying to conceive. I went to the doctor last week and we’ve started some testing. They took my blood and this week I have an appointment to get an HSG. I told my doctor that I feel like what’s preventing me from getting pregnant has to do with the D&C I got last year. I told her that I don’t understand how I got pregnant so easily twice and then I had a D&C and it’s taking more than a year now. She said that the only possible thing that could be from the D&C would be if there was some scar tissue left which would definitely prevent the sperm from reaching the egg and conceive. So, the HSG is basically a diagnostic where they spray liquid into your uterus and take x-rays so they can see the lining, shape and tubes. It’s suppose to be a little painful and uncomfortable so be praying for me! I have another appointment in a month to see all the test results and talk about fertility treatments (pills, etc.)

Hopefully I won’t have to undergo a lot of treatments but I’m excited about finally getting some answers. I’m also hopeful we will get pregnant this year πŸ™‚

On another note, Callie has been potty training this past week and she’s doing so well. It’s been 5 days and I can say that she is 90% trained! I’ll be writing another post on techniques I used and that whole process.

Anyway I hope you had a great Easter and are enjoying this beautiful weather. Talk to you soon and God Bless! πŸ™‚


Thank you David Schumann Photography for taking these gorgeous photos and bearing the cold with us πŸ™‚

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