Mommy and Me

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I’ve always wanted to do a mommy and me session. Moms have such a special bond with their children. I’m not saying that Dad’s don’t but it’s different. Only moms experience completely being one with their child while in the womb. When Callie was first born it actually took me a while to make that “bond” or “connection” with her. As a new mom, I was quite terrified and had no idea what I was doing. I was also very emotional as hormones are going crazy during this time. It was around the holiday season so Joshio was able to stay home with me to help and honestly, he did most of the work other than feeding. Once he went back to work, it was just me and her. I was scared but I finally was able to “man up” and enter into my new role as a mom. That’s when I finally made that connection with Callie. For some moms it’s at first site and for others (like me) it’s two weeks later. After this, there’s no return. They are yours and you are theirs.

Callie has never been very clingy to one of us more than the other. I can say that her love for us both is pretty even. As she’s getting older, she’s able to show and speak her love more and it’s been really amazing to see and feel. The kisses, hugs and “I love you mommy” are so touching and sweet and seriously melt my heart every time. I can’t get enough! I know every mom says this but I seriously wish she could stay my little baby forever. It may be impossible, but I found a way-through pictures! Haha!

I will look back one day, when she’s a teenager and is mad at me because I didn’t let her go out with her friends, and look at these pictures and will remember this special day. This day when it was just me and her, at the park, loving on each other and sharing a very special moment.

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