Merry Christmas + New House Update

Because everyone needs a good fake laugh

Dress: ASOS

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a great Christmas and were able to enjoy time with family and friends. We kept it local and enjoyed Christmas Eve having dinner with family (pics above). Christmas day we had breakfast at home and then spent time with family in the evening. We are blessed to have most of our families local which makes the holidays much easier 🙂

Sooo, big news- we finally close on our new home this Friday!!! We are so excited. We will be selling our current home and buying our new home on the same day. We started looking into getting another house this past August but didn’t put our house up for sale until this past November. The process has been a little stressful especially since I want to start nesting already! We are in the process of packing and getting all that squared away which is a bit overwhelming so I’ll be happy once it’s all over. I’ll be posting pictures soon! stay tuned! 😀

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