Maternity Shoot

Hey Everyone!

So I’m here, still pregnant…. hoping little man comes soon but you never know. I’ve had mild cramping here and there and as of yesterday I was dilated 1cm but that’s about it.

Anyway, so to be honest we weren’t going to do a maternity photoshoot, mainly because we had already taken several pictures throughout the pregnancy AND the best timing to take photos (I think) is towards the end of your second trimester or beginning of your third and we had missed that window. That’s when you have a cute belly formed but haven’t gotten too swollen lol. So with all that being said, a friend offered to take some photos of us and I just couldn’t refuse! Even if I was already 36 weeks!

I love how they turned out and am grateful we were able to capture these last moments as a family of 3.

And let me just mention how EVERYTIME we do a photoshoot it is freezing outside!!! lol So that’s why we didn’t get too many with Callie in them.


If you’re interested in booking a session, contact info is below:

Analy Carpio Navarro-Lily and Light Photography:




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