Magnolia Plantation and Gardens


^Right after my mom got nudged by the donkey^ ( you can see her running)IMG_4282 IMG_4286

^Poor baby was sweating so much but not once complained^

^My daddy is so handsome^IMG_4336

^Brothers^ 🙂IMG_4337 IMG_4339

^In the “I’m on a plantation” mood, feelin fancy and what not hehe^IMG_4342

^Hey there good lookin^IMG_4350

^Best traveling partner, my sissy^IMG_4352

IMG_4319 IMG_4361 IMG_4368

^The gardens were so beautiful^IMG_4376

^Callie’s face! cutie pie^IMG_4385 IMG_4391 IMG_4405


There’s so much to see and do in Charleston that we just didn’t have enough time to hit all the historic parks. We were able to go to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens and it was beautiful. As much as we wanted to stay inside and enjoy the AC I’m so happy we decided to get out and explore. We were able to take the nature train and see the entire property, tour the historic plantation house, and walk along the beautiful gardens. It was really an amazing day and I would definitely go back (maybe in the fall). Plus they were giving out free watermelon, popcorn and snow cones! #winning! 😀

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