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^You can’t truly experience Disney without a few tantrums 😉 ^ lolIMG_2573 IMG_2584 IMG_2591 IMG_2592 IMG_2608 IMG_2613 IMG_2618IMG_2404 IMG_2408


Wednesday was our final full day on vacation and we honestly woke up with other plans. We weren’t going to go to Disney since Callie was still not 100% and were going to stay around the hotel. BUT Callie woke up saying Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse and insisted on going. We said what the heck, let’s go! Our plan for Disney was to wake up really early and be there all day but instead we got there around 1ish and honestly it was perfect. Callie slept on the way (we were an hour and a half away) so she was well rested when we got there and lasted till the end.

The Disney experience could’ve gone two ways, Callie could’ve really hated it and gotten scared on the rides and seeing the characters or really enjoyed it. Luckily for us, she really enjoyed it and LOVED everything! She loved the rides, visiting Mickey and other characters (even though she didn’t know who they were lol) and she loved being with us. She would randomly say “Mami, Papi and Callie…family” 🙂 She would also randomly look at me and give me these huge, cheesy smiles 😀 I loved it!

It was also suppose to rain this day but not a drop fell and the weather was amazing. We had so much fun and I thank God that we could end our vacation on a high note.


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