Just Like That

Just like that!
I remember being so worried on how to wean Callie off of things- Transferring her to a toddler bed, taking her sleep sack away, removing the paci…I would stress so much on what I was going to do and honestly would prepare my self for the worst nights ever. 
I really had no clue how to transfer her to a toddler bed. I always read that once they start trying to climb out, that was a good time. The problem was that she always slept in a sleep sack that wouldn’t allow her to climb out-lol. A few months ago she had gotten sick and was going through a weird phase. Since she wasn’t feeling well, we decided to let her sleep in our bed a couple nights. I absolutely loved it because when she was younger she didn’t want anything to do with sleeping with us and only wanted to be in her crib. Problem was that she got use to it and didn’t want to go back in her crib. We then moved her to the guest bedroom (with a full size bed) and would lay with her until she fell asleep. She starting sleeping through the night again and seemed to like it. I was so confused! I kept asking myself whether we should move her to the guest room with the big bed? Should we buy her a twin size bed for her room? Should I change her to a toddler bed? The “signs” were so unclear. Joshio didn’t want to move her room so we decided to change out her crib to a toddler bed (it’s a convertible crib) and see how that went. Welp, that’s what we ended up doing and after a few nights of adjusting, she really liked her new bed (and Sofia the First covers) 🙂
It happened just like that! This was such a milestone that I expected a huge celebration or some sort of preparation before, but nope… It happened exactly how I didn’t expect it to.
Callie 2
^Callie in her crib at 9 months^
Callie 3
^My sweet angel baby, love her! 10 Months here^
So after we changed her crib our next two things to tackle were the paci and her sleep sack. She had slept in her sleep sack since we stopped swaddling, which was at four months. We had tried several times to take it away but it never seemed to work and she would always pitch a fit and make our lives miserable at nap time and night time. We would always give in and decide to try again at a later time, when she’s ready. My plan was to take it away when we put her in a toddler bed. Since she would have sheets and covers to keep her warm then she wouldn’t need the sleep sack right? Wrong!
Around that same time of changing her crib, she became extra clingy to her sleep sack. She wanted it all the time and would go grab it and put it on and just wonder around the house with it and her paci in her mouth. She would get it so dirty and it was just getting nasty. She went like this for about two months until we finally decided she was getting to attached and it was time to take it away. She had gotten it dirty one day and I told her that I needed to wash it. It was nap time and the sack was in the dirty hamper. She wined and cried for it but I kept explaining it was dirty. She eventually fell asleep. That night, while we were getting ready for bed she told me her night night (that’s what she would call her sleep sack) was dirty and I responded yes so that’s why you can’t have it. She cried a bit but eventually fell asleep. A few days would pass and she would ask for it here and there and we would tell her “no more night night” and she got the point. Eventually, she completely forgot about it and hasn’t asked for it since. Hallelujah!
Callie 5
^She put her sleep sack on the floor in the middle of the walkway in the mall and said “Night, Night” lol Crazy Girl. A few weeks before she turned two^
Callie 4
Next-The PACI!!! I was terrified about this one! I read so many articles on how to take the paci away (mail them away, explain to the child that they’re too big and throw them away, send them off with a balloon to paci heaven-you name it!). I had no idea what I was going to do or when. Callie had just turned two and still had the paci. I thought ok, maybe when she’s 2 1/2 or 3 we can do one of these things and that’s that. The funny thing is that she did it all on her own (with help from dad). A few weeks ago, Joshio had put her to sleep without it. I wasn’t there that night so I didn’t know. She woke up once in the middle of the night and I went to go get a paci to give her and she fell back asleep. After that, Joshio and I started talking and thought maybe we should go ahead and take it away, it would fall our of her mouth in the middle of the night anyway and she would fall asleep in the car without it all the time. A few nights later we put her to bed again without her paci, we distracted her with a book, and talking to her about the next day and she didn’t even ask for it and fell right asleep! I was so surprised and thought this was too good to be true. I really expected loooong nights and a lot of tantrums. The next couple of nights and nap time she maybe asked for it once or twice and we told her there was no more paci and she would lay down with no problem.
And JUST LIKE THAT my little baby is all grown up! 🙁
The moral of this story is to not stress so much about things. Don’t compare to what other parents or kids are doing because there is a time for everything. Callie made all these changes on her own and we just did what we had to do to make it easier for her. Read the signs your child is giving, they may not look exactly like what you’ve read in baby books but as I said before, every child is different. If something is not working our right now, don’t force it, try again later.
Now, if we could only get potty training down! LOL (we will when she’s ready) 😉
Take care and God Bless!
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