Ahhh, Italia!

Italy is such a beautiful country, I would go back any day. This was our first trip to Europe. I must say that we had a bit of a culture shock when we arrived. We honestly expected to understand the language a little better (since we speak spanish) but they speak so fast that we just couldn’t understand. We also weren’t prepared on how to get around. I can go on about what we could’ve done better to prepare for this trip but I’d rather talk about what we enjoyed.

The views!!!! We stayed in a villa in Tuscany and everywhere you looked you just saw beauty. Each day we woke up I remember telling Joshio, “I can’t believe we’re in Italy!”

We enjoyed some tours and were able to visit Rome, Cinque Terre and San Gimignano-all so beautiful.
Here are some pictures of our trip and our video diary-Enjoy!
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