I’m Nervous

Let me just say that the last month of pregnancy is one of the hardest, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. And the last TWO weeks are even harder, one – because at this point you thought you would have the baby by now since technically you are full term at 36 weeks and everyone keeps telling you “any day now” and Second- because on top of the physical heaviness and extra weight, you get really anxious and nervous about D Day! Not only is my body exhausted and seriously ready to pop but I’m really nervous. Even though I’ve done this before (that was 3 years ago), I don’t like hospitals, I don’t like getting an IV, I don’t want to be induced, I’m sad I’ll be away from Callie while at the hospital, nervous about how our family dynamic is going to change, reminding myself “You got this” but at the same time “Every baby is different”, and so on and so on. There are so many things going on right now that I’m just trying to stay calm and collective, rest as much as I can and take it easy (easier said than done sometimes).

I remind myself to call upon the Lord as my strength and peace when I get nervous or anxious. Sometimes as women and moms we try to show the world that we can handle any situation, that we’re super woman and can do it on our own…WRONG! We need help sometimes, we need love, we need encouragement and we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. You will cry, you will break down, you will feel guilty and that’s OK-it’s part of the process and sometimes you just need to ride it out until it gets better. But in the meantime surround yourself with people who love you, ask for help, cry it out and most importantly PRAY. Pray and remind yourself that your creator created you for this and you are capable, you are strong, your body will know what to do and slowly but surely things will get a little better every day. That’s at least what I’m going to do-hehe!

Be praying for us! 🙂

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