Happy New Year!

I know I am sooooo late with this post but it has been in Draft for awhile now and finally finished up the video.

I hope you all had a great holiday season. We sure did! I was off from work for 12 days, starting Wednesday before Christmas until this past Monday. It was amazing. I kinda felt like I should have traveled somewhere or done something out of state but Joshio still had to work so we stayed home. It was time well spent with my baby girl.

My parents were out of town for Christmas, visiting my brother in Texas. So we kept it pretty low key. On Christmas Eve we attended my brother’s candlelight service (he is the Senior Pastor at a Baptist Church). After a special service we went out to eat with my in-laws and sister to Cheesecake Factory.

My family doesn’t really go all out with Christmas with a tree and tons of gifts, sometimes we don’t do gifts at all but this year we decided to so three each. On Christmas Eve we each opened one. Joshio had gotten Callie and I matching Pajamas! They are so cute and comfy and she loves matching with me. I had also gotten Joshio some new pajamas so we all went to bed that night in our new PJs.

Christmas morning Joshio had to come wake me up (I love sleeping in) and we opened the rest of our gifts. Then took Mia (dog) out for a walk since it was like 70 degrees outside!

For the Past 7 new years we have always spent NYE at church. Our church does a big NYE bash with a talent show, music and food. It’s pretty fun but most of the time we are all doing something at the service and working. We moved church locations this year and had a few other things going on so this was the first year we actually spent NYE with family, at home. It was really nice.

We went to go eat at Buckhead Diner (which was delicious) and then went to my parents house to do sparklers and small fireworks. We actually stayed up until 12 to bring in the new year all together and even Callie stayed up! (she’s such a trooper)

We kissed and we hugged and then it was off the bed to sleep in until 12 the next day-haha! At least me and Callie did. 🙂

I did make a few resolutions that I don’t mind sharing:

  1. Get my butt back in the gym and get in shape- I know this is everyone’s but I really mean it lol. I am usually active but the last couple of months I have been slacking. I already started and went to the gym on Monday 🙂
  2. Travel to Argentina- It’s been three years since I’ve been to Argentina and I would really love to take Callie to meet the family we have down there
  3. Have a baby- I know I really don’t have much control over this one and just gotta do what I gotta do to have a baby. We have been trying for awhile but I am hopeful I will get pregnant this year!
  4. Deepen my relationship with God

There’s a few. I have a some others but these are the main ones. I pray that you all have a great year and reach all the goals that you set out for yourselves. God Bless!

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