Going Crazy and Feeling Bad About It



So lately I’ve been going a little crazy and feeling a little bad about it. My sweet angel Callie has made an early migration into the terrible twos! 🙁 She’ll be two in December and honestly we didn’t think it would start so soon. It’s been about a month now where we’ve had to deal with your little tantrums and impatience.

I feel her though, she’s learning how to talk more but can’t always seem to get the words out right and explain herself which frustrates her and causes her to meltdown. Overall, she is a pretty good girl but I find that when I’m alone with her at home she gets bored and that’s when she acts up. As long as she is playing (with someone) and is entertained, she’s good.

What’s really been getting to me are the tantrums. She doesn’t know how to wait and every time I tell her “Wait!” she puts on a show and that’s when the palita (wooden spoon) comes out for pow, pow (spankin)

I remember the first day she called me “Mommy” I was so touched and happy and felt so special but now I can’t get her to stop! Lol! The constant “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…” really hits a nerve and I do my best to say “Yes, Callie?” instead of “What!!!!”.

I feel reeeeeally bad sometimes with how frustrated she makes me. I feel like I should have more patience with her and it really affects me. I know every mom goes through this but I never thought this sweet little face could frustrate me so much! lol.


Any mommas out there with some advice?


P.S- I still adore and love my daughter! Haha! She’ll always be my sweet baby and I’ll love her till the day I die, I guess that’s why I hate when I get so impatient with her.

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  1. I have a 3 year old and a 8 month old and have learned to go on playdates, chuck e cheese, playground, mall play area etc.. every other day … no lie. I feel when you have a child you learn the meaning of sacrifice. Most of my time I spend trying to entertain my children lol. Did I mention naps that always changes kids moods. Prayer for patience & wisdom to handle the situation is a must I’ve learned that a spanking isn’t always needed. I know the holy spirit will guide you. Be blessed and remember how blessed you are to have that little princess.

    1. Thanks for the reminder! Sometimes I just need to catch my breathe, pray and handle the situation. Yeah, sometimes the spanking or the thought of getting one stops her but I think I’m going to try time outs, she’s a very social little girl and being isolated might have more affect on her than a spanking.
      God Bless!

  2. Welcome! You have arrived at the PARENTHOOD STOP…in your motherhood journey…The ride just gets rougher all the way to 21 (that is until SHE is 21) You will learn all the tricks of the trade, the good, the bad and the ugly…But fret not! You and she will make it out just fine. Remember, she will get just as frustrated as you…but you’re the adult. Patience, loving kindness, and endurance are adult features. Don’t expect HER to understand everything, as you educate, watch over, protect, encourage, and smother her with maternal love…And remember, we had exactly the same problem with YOU..and you came out pretty good!

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