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Hi Everyone!

My parents are part “owners” of this place called R Ranch in Dahlonega, GA. We use it often for church retreats and conferences. I remember going all the time when I was younger since my parents took me everywhere with them.  There are two types of cabins there, the “nicer” ones with air conditioning and restrooms inside and the “more rustic” ones with no air conditioning and outhouses for restrooms and showers.

So I had planned this mini-trip about 3 weeks ago when my parents came back from a getaway with my brother and his family. My mom came back recommending I go and I was like “Why Not?!” and “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!” She mentioned since they are “owners” it would cost only $35 a night to stay in a cabin (Heck Yeah!).

I wanted to get away with Joshio and Callie because honestly, since she’s been born, we haven’t had a trip with just us three-where there are no other family members around. Don’t get me wrong, having family so close to help is amazing and truly a blessing but sometimes you just want to get away and do your own thang. We are taking a trip to Orlando in September with my parents so I thought it was a great opportunity to just pack up, grab the hubby and Callie and go. Joshio is also starting school soon and will be preoccupied with his studies so I wanted him to relax and not think about work, church, or school.

We arrived Friday afternoon around 4pm and in the end it only costed us $10 to stay the weekend! What a blessing! Friday evening we went to the small town which is really nice and soooo cute! It really has expanded since I was last there. There are tons of cute shops and restaurants. Let me just mention that the weather was also amazing! It wasn’t too hot (since you’re in the mountains) and humid. Just be careful, those mosquitoes will getcha!

Saturday we decided to stay on site most of the day. We went out searching for a trail to walk and then went swimming in the huge, salt water pool. Saturday evening we went searching for a perfect place to take some pictures (you know me), unfortunately everything closes pretty early (around 6) but we were able to find a winery/vineyard and sneaked in to take some pictures 🙂 Then we went back to the town for dinner.

Sunday was our last day there so we spent the morning packing up and then went to the Chestatee Zoo. It’s a pretty small Zoo with only a few animals but we still enjoyed it. Callie stuck her fingers through one of the fences and got bitten by a peacock…lol. I know, that’s not funny but at the time it was… She was fine, it barely hurt her 🙂 Pobresita. After that we were hungry and had some pizza in the town, got some chocolate for the road and headed home (only took us an hour to get home).

I must say, that for such a short trip I had an amazing time! I wish we would’ve stayed an extra day! If you are looking to take a small retreat or getaway to the mountains and enjoy some amazing views, I highly recommend going to Dahlonega! It’s pretty close and there are tons of things to do.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, below is a video of our trip.

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  1. Malena disfute muchisimo tu trip a dahlonega! It was perfect just the three of you. Keep it up you have done a great job with the page. Besitos

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