Georgia Aquarium

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Hi There! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted and sorry about that! Life has been a little hectic but I’m back 🙂
Both grandmas have been out of town which means I don’t really have anyone to take care of my Callie bear and I had to take a few days off last week (not complaining!) I’m so happy I was able to spend time with Callie. Joshio took off on Friday and we decided to take Callie to the aquarium for the first time. She absolutely loved it and had a blast watching the Sea Lions and Dolphins show. Her favorite part was seeing the BIG Fishies (as she likes to say). She also enjoyed and behaved so well during the 4D movie, which I was little worried she would get scared with the water splashing and chairs moving but she didn’t. It really is getting easier and easier to take her wherever we want to go.

Funny story, we were at the photo desk (where you can see the photos they take of you when coming in) and I hear Callie saying “Look mommy, colita colita!” Which colita means booty in Spanish and she had pulled her pants down and stuck her butt out to show us and the world! It was really hilarious and I wish I had my camera out for it. I explained to her that she couldn’t do that in public and only at home. The hard part was trying to correct her without laughing. Oh and the reason why she does it is because at home when I’m changing her clothes or getting her ready for bed, I always smack her little booty and say colita de mami, lol 😀


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