Flower Crowns and 4th of July

Let me just say, I have a slight obsession with flower crowns! I have always loved them ever since they started becoming popular again but I have never had the chance to wear one without looking like a complete idiot. I know, I know some people can pull it off and wear them on a daily basis but I’m 27 now and just can’t do that. If I were 17 it would be another story.

I’ve concluded that for a gal my age, flower crowns are appropriate for Holidays or special events. So when Independence Day was coming up I seized the opportunity to wear one. The tutorial I followed to make the flower crown can be found here.

For some reason the flower tape wouldn’t work for me and I ended up using my hot glue gun. I made these Friday night to have ready for Saturday. After I made them I placed them on a plate, in the frig. This was my first time making a flower crown and I must say I think I did a pretty good job. By the end of the day (after about 5 hours) they did start falling apart, which was ok because I didn’t plan on using them again.

Here are some pictures from July 4th!

IMG_6798 IMG_6800



God Bless America!


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