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Girl meets Dinosaur^






No wonder he liked this game soo much…lol^IMG_9467

Most Comfortable Dress Ever: Dress Up Boutique

Hi Everyone,

We’re here in Florida on vacation taking a a little break from work and enjoying these last few days of summer. Our trip over here was about 8 hours, we drove for about 3 then stopped for an hour to let Callie play and stretch her legs and then drove another 4 hours. Callie only slept 20 minutes the ENTIRE 8 HOURS! It was a bit stressful and she had a little melt down but honestly, considering she only slept that long, it wasn’t too bad. We got to our resort around 4pm, right on time for check in. we were so tired but Callie didn’t feel like sleeping so we got settled in, got dressed and walked around a bit. Its pretty humid here so we didn’t stay out for too long.

We had a horrible dinner experience, we decided to try a local restaurant near by and it didn’t go so well. They took forever to take our order and then when they brought out the appetizers (chips and salsa) the chips were stale and the salsa was really cold…no bueno! We ended up leaving cause Callie was getting fussy (since she didn’t nap practically all day) and grabbed something quick at Pollo Tropical. Joshio loves Pollo Tropical but the one here wasn’t that great and we didn’t enjoy that either, we ate it cause we were hungry.

So Day 1 was a little rough but that’s always expected when you’re traveling all day. Welp, that’s all for day 1…stay tuned for more pictures and details of the rest of our trip πŸ™‚

God Bless! πŸ™‚

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