Eyebrow Tinting (How To)




^This is with the tint on…looks really dark but most of it will come off^


^What you’ll need^IMG_7923

^After, with rest of my makeup on^

Hi There!

(First off, please excuse my lips in these pictures. I have some sort of cold sore or rash which has cause a lot of agitation around my lips and I also have a lot of dry skin)

I just recently discovered eyebrow tinting. What really got me into it was my trip to the eyebrow threading salon. I went a couple of weeks ago (before the holidays) to get my eyebrows threaded. I typically tweeze my eyebrows but every once in awhile I’ll go get them threaded to clean them up. They also do tinting at the salon so I decided I’d give it a try. It cost me an extra $7 and that’s low because I had told the lady about a special I had seen a couple weeks past.

So, she tinted them and told me to leave the tint on for four hours before I wash my face. IMG_4003

^ Me right after she had tinted my eyebrows..lol. Excuse my face, I had sent this pic to my sister. As you can see, I thought they were a little too Bold^

So, more than four hours had past and I hopped in the shower to get ready for church that night. When I came out, my eyebrows were gone! Lol… Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating..my hair was still there but all the “tint” she had applied came off, like ALL of it. I was so mad, I had spent some good money on getting them tinted for nothing.

That’s when I realized that I could have done it myself and I started doing some “research” on YouTube and google.

After watching some videos, I decided to purchase the Godefroy Tint Kit . The process was super easy and it has saved me a lot of time and $$. Below is a tutorial I did so hopefully you can learn how to do this on your own and save money too! 🙂 Enjoy!

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