Enough With The Cheese!!!

We all know I enjoy taking pictures, especially pictures of my little girl. Some people don’t need pictures to hold onto memories, I’m not one of those. I need pictures! I love looking back at pictures of Callie and seeing how much she has grown, each picture brings back a memory of that particular moment. Today, I will remember how much she made me laugh just by being her silly self.

Callie looked so cute today that I wanted to take some pictures of her. Like all other toddlers, the minute I put the camera on her she gets serious and gives me the “Here we go again” look.

She’s learned how to say cheese and I have to tell her “Let me see your teeth” to get her to smile.

I took so many pictures of her with no luck-no smiles! In the end I had to bribe her with yogurt covered gummies. It was hilarious-she was so tired of me saying “Cheese” that she finally let out a huge “Cheeeeese” with all her might (you’ll see in the pictures below)

Here are a few pictures of my princess.


^ The “Let me play!” Look ^


^ The “I refuse to smile” Look ^


^ The “I’m gonna get up all in your face” look ^


^ The “Model” Look ^


^ The “What the heck is on my head” Look ^


^ The “I’m a princess” Look ^


^ Fine you want me to say cheese? Here you go! ^


^ All smiles after I gave her gummies ^


^ Another cheese face. That button nose is too cute! ^


^ Yay! Mommy gave me gummies ^

I enjoy every minute with this girl! <3

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