Desio Colored Contact Lens

So as my first blog I wanted to do a review on the Desio colored contact lens. I heard about these on YouTube and had seen a couple of videos so I figured I would give them a try.

I’m near sided (meaning I can’t see very well far away) and wear glasses every so often. My prescription is -.75 so I can get away without wearing glasses or contacts. I wanted lens that I could wear every now and then to go out or for a special occasion and that would slightly enhance my eye color (which is brown). I ordered the caramel brown contacts lens from Desio, which can be found here.
Desio is an Italian company and are really easy to purchase from. Unlike here in the US, where you need a prescription from your doctor, you can easily purchase prescription lens oversees (although I do highly suggest getting an eye exam here first). They are reasonably priced at 39 Euros (roughly $43) for a box which includes two lenses. Their website says they last for up to 3 months which for me would probably be more since I don’t use them every day.

The lens came in a pretty little, purple box. They send a case with each pair that you buy.

IMG_0302 IMG_0299_2

Here’s a before and after with my natural brown eyes and the caramel brown colored lens:



The lenses are quite comfortable. I honestly have never gotten use to wearing contacts so I can always feel them on my eyeballs. I’ve tried the fresh look colored contacts and they were horrible! They moved around a lot and were very cloudy. Desio lens don’t move around and feel very nice. I don’t think they’re great for all day wear though, I wouldn’t go past 8 hours of wear (but I think that’s with all contacts)

Below are some pictures with the contacts lens OFF:

IMG_0298 IMG_0301 IMG_0292 IMG_0291

Here are pictures with the Lens ON:


Outside lighting ^





I would highly recommend these lenses to anyone interested in bold colored lens. After wearing these for a while when I first got them I realized I honestly like my natural color better but they are still fun to wear every once in awhile.

(Click on the pictures for better quality)


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