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How cute is this place?! We actually didn’t plan on going here but one of our taxi drivers mentioned it and we looked it up. I’m so glad we decided to come. Looks like a lot of tourists don’t know about this place because it was pretty empty which was perfect for us 😉

Basically, it’s a small, enclosed village with a ton of restaurants, handcrafts and shops. There are areas within the village that represent different regions of Spain. Each street and store was seriously picture perfect and architecture and designs are really neat. We had lunch at one of the restaurants and it was delicious and did a little shopping to get some souvenirs. I got Callie a handmade Spanish style dress 🙂

The National Museum of Catalunya was just around the corner so we walked over. The building is so GRAND and amazing. My sister and her hubby were the only ones that went it cause we were tired and to be honest are not that much into art.

Every nook and cranny in Barcelona is so pretty and the building designs were so thought out. Love it!

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