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Hi There!
So I took on another much needed project at church. I seriously don’t know where I find the time to do things like this but I’m glad I did it cause I think it turned out great! Our church nursery needed some TLC especially since little Jacob would be going there during services lol. Yes, one of the main reason I took this on was because Jacob will be going here but also I had my mom goggles on and thought that any other mom wouldn’t be so excited to leave there kids in our nursery with the way it was looking.

So before,

  • The colors were too harsh for babies
  • the swings and toys that had batteries weren’t working
  • The foam mats were dirty
  • The ceiling tiles had stains
  • The cribs were rarely used
  • The toys were broken and dirty
  • There was no check-in system
  • There was no where to hang up diaper bags
  • There was no organization
  • The TV to watch the live service was not working
  • No designated area for a mother nurse/pump


  • This nursery is for 0-24 months so I segregated the area for the babies that walk on one side and the crawlers on the other, understanding that they won’t always just be on one side of the room.
  • I organized the toys in shelves and bins
  • I created a designated sleeping area for the babies
  • We painted to a light grey color (SW-Passive)
  • We added several hooks for diaper bags and volunteer’s purses
  • We got the TV working with live feed of the service
  • I replaced the bright foam mats with neutral colors
  • We replaced the stained ceiling tiles
  • We replaced all batteries in toys and swings
  • I bought a new/used changing table to replace the broken one

I spent exactly $1000 to redesign the space. We were able to sell some couches and the brown crib we had at church for $350 so out of pocket expense was $650 which is not too bad for everything done. Below are links to everything I purchased just in case you want to get something for your own nursery 🙂

Cribs | Play Mat | Wall Mirrors | Table and Chairs | Crib Skirt | Storage Shelf | Crib Mattress |
Jesus Loves Me Wall Decal | Sweet Dreams Wall Decal | Foam Mats | Smocks for Volunteers | Stereo |
Bottle Warmer | Baby Gate |
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