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Hi Again,

So after a restful Friday night we were ready to have some fun and really start enjoying our vacation on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather called for clouds and rain BUT there was a short window where there was no rain and we were able to make it to the pool.

I called up my friend Zoe to bring her little girl and come hang out with us. Zoe and I have been friends since childhood, we’ve known each other since we were 5 and grew up together until about our early twenties and from there kinda went our separate ways. She’s pretty much my sister 🙂 She lives in Florida now and fortunately we’re not that far from each other and get to see each other every couple of months. Her daughter, Annalise, is about one year older than Callie which is really nice because they were able to play with each other and have a good time. It was so cute to see them hug and kiss each other. Callie wanted to keep hugging Annalise and Annalise was getting mad-haha! It’s neat to see Us in them.

There’s a couple of pools here at the resort and one really close to our building. It has a really nice view and overlooks the lake with Swan paddle boats.

After a bit of swimming we chilled for a bit and caught up with each other. When they left, it was time to put Callie (and Mommy 🙂 ) down for her nap.

My parents arrived later that afternoon. Once they got settled in we went out for dinner and shared a HUGE strawberry shortcake, it was really good and Callie was tearing it up! haha! It rained the rest of the evening/night so we just stayed home and rested.

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  1. This day was awesome. It was so nice to see our girls playing together. I loved spending time with you guys. I love you and I hope you had a great time while you were here :).

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