Cancun Mexico 2015

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Getting around to completing another video diary. For some reason these always take me so long to get to but I force myself to do them because I love looking back at our trips.

So Joshio’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to surprise him with a trip to Cancun. We hadn’t gone a trip by ourselves since Callie was born (17 months exactly!). It. was. time.

Before having Callie I would always like to take a (just us) trip every 6 months. Whether it was somewhere exotic or just a weekend getaway, it’s always nice to get out. It’s a little difficult now with Callie, not because we can’t go but because we don’t want to! It’s hard to even do date night because we miss her and want her to be with us always.

As much as I wanted Callie to go on this trip, I also desperately wanted to be able to relax by the pool/beach, eat in peace and do WHATEVER I wanted!

We only went for four nights but we were still able to do a lot and enjoy just being with each other-talking, holding hands, taking selfies and sometimes just being quiet and enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

The first time we went to Mexico was for our honeymoon (6 1/2 years ago!). We stayed in Riviera Maya and did several tours. Since we were limited on time this trip, we decided to only do one and go to Xcaret. It was amazing (as you’ll see in the video) and even though it was a tour, we were still able to relax.

The last night of our trip was a bit rough. I got really sunburned and I think I got sun poisoning as well. I also was really missing Callie and was ready to go home. Seriously? Yes! but for it being our first “long” trip away I think I did pretty well.

So here are some pictures and of course our video! Enjoy!



















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