Callie’s 2!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared on here so I wanted to spend some time catching up. I realized I didn’t share the video I made of Callie’s second birthday so here it is (below).

I still can’t believe she’s two. Everyone calls them the terrible twos but honestly, that started earlier and ended early with Callie. Her “terrible twos” started  when she was about 18 months. She would through tantrums and have fits when she didn’t get what she wanted. We quickly and continuously corrected and disciplined her. She went through them for a couple of months and then she stopped and understood that if she acted that way, she would be disciplined. Two has been great so far! She is talking so much more and really understands when we speak to her. She knows what she wants and can verbally express herself. She’s really funny too! She is quite the goofball (I think she got that from me).

For her birthday we decided to celebrate a Catch Air Kids, she had a great time with friends and family. She freaked out when Elmo the mascot came out but that’s about it. We all honestly had a wonderful time.

I thank God everyday for Callie’s life. She truly is a little miracle and couldn’t imagine life without her. She loves to sing, dance, play with balls, go for walks, play with her cousins, sleep in with mommy and play piano with daddy. She has filled our lives with so much joy!

Here are a few pictures of a short two years photoshoot we did. It was freeeeeezing this day, hence the red noses but Callie did really well (as long as I gave her candy) 😉

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Birthday Video:

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