California 2015

I finally got around to putting together our video diary of our trip to California back in March. This was a much needed trip as we were dealing with something very difficult in our lives.

This trip came in perfect timing! We wanted to go so that Joshio’s family could see Callie. She had grown so much from when they saw her as a newborn. Callie was able to enjoy her aunts and cousins and we were able to enjoy being with each other. It was also Joshio’s spring break and my birthday.

We didn’t do to much site seeing since we’ve been to California so many times and have seen so much. But, we DID go to Catalina Island! I had wanted to go ever since my sister went with her hubby and told me all about it. The good thing was that you can travel free on your birthday so we only had to pay for Joshio.

Catalina was beautiful, it felt like we were back in Italy.

Here are some photos and our video diary, Enjoy!












God Bless!

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