Hi Friends!

So we all know I love to take pictures, right? 🙂 The top pictures in this post are actually from a Sunday we went to eat at Red Lobster (which I hate) after church. I saw the red wall and couldn’t resist-haha! They’re also good “before” pics of what my hair looked like since it had been months since touching it up. I love taking random pictures though mainly because I like documenting our day to day.

A few memories from this day- Callie ordered a daiquiri (virgin of course), she saw how pretty and colorful it was and just had to have it. It was actually super good and I’m glad we got it for her cause momma enjoyed it too!

I was holding Jacob and was trying to put him in his car seat when his foot hit my sweet tea and not only did it spill everywhere but the glass broke and shattered 🙁 (So embarrassing)

I try to nurse (instead of bottle feed) whenever I’m with Jacob and he got hungry while we were waiting for our food (since the food was taking sooo long!) So I had to go to the car and feed him right when our food came out -_- Oh the sacrifices us mommas make for our babies. When I got back the food was cold and the steak was overcooked, booo!

Side note- the only reason we went to Red Lobster was because my mom really wanted to go, let’s just say we won’t be going back anytime soon…lol

Back to my hair- I lightened it up a bit and added highlights to frame my face, I really liked how it turned out and am going to keep it for a while. I plan on going darker for the fall either a reddish brown color or just brown, we’ll see…It’s been so long since I’ve had any other color! I saw this pic on instagram and loved her hair, any thoughts?


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