Birthday Planning


It’s been such a long time since I’ve actually written something. I’ve been so busy with a lot of other things. Life right now is a bit crazy and everyday is a balancing act. The other day I even decided to stay home and sleep! Callie had school and I stayed home and slept! Yes, I’m admitting it. I didn’t clean, wash clothes, run errands, work, or cook. I stayed home and bummed it out. I got up around 12 to get dress to go pick up Callie from school then we came home and we both took naps-haha!

I don’t think moms do this enough. Before being a mom I was pretty much a bum everyday, lol. Which I’m glad I got over because I realize now that I wasted a lot of time sleeping. This past month has been a little overwhelming. We recently moved our church location and I have been helping my dad (who is the pastor) with a lot of the decorating. I am not an interior designer so that itself took a lot of researching and work. At the same time I decided to team up with a photographer friend of mine to start up our own business. He is the photographer and I am the brand manager in charge of client scheduling, social media, and a lot of the admin work. On top of that I have been TRYING to study for this exam that I’m suppose to take in December-this one has really been stressing me out mainly because it’s been really hard to get myself to focus and actually study. Also, I am a last minute type person (sometimes) and probably won’t feel the urgency to study until a few days before the test, which in this case will not work because you really need to know your stuff for this 4 hour exam.

As all this is going on I realized this week that Callie’s birthday is coming up! And I hadn’t planned anything! It’s about a month away but still, with kids birthdays you need to send invites out early. The good thing is that I got most of this squared away already. We’re actually going to have her party at a place called Catch Air. It’s an indoor playground for kids. It should be really fun! The only other things I need to work out are the cake/cupcakes, a few decorations and a special birthday chalkboard sign. We did a chalkboard last year and I think it would be nice to do one again this year, this is what it looks like.

Callie’s birthday theme is going to be Sesame Street/Elmo. She loooooves elmo! My sister bought her a cute little elmo outfit that she’s going to wear for the party. Catch Air will also have an Elmo mascot come out to dance with the kids, hopefully Callie won’t freak out! lol. They also allow a special slideshow of photos for Callie-I thought this was really sweet.

I can’t believe she’s going to be two! I try not to think about it too much because I seriously will cry. She’s been such a blessing and I wouldn’t trade being a mommy for anything in the world. 🙂

Anyway, here are few ideas I have for Callie’s b-day. Stay tuned for more posts about her birthday!




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