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Hi There!!!

I have been wanting to switch Callie over to the guest room for the longest time now and I finally tackled the project and moved her over. I had taken before pictures but accidentally deleted them on the memory card :/ But just to give you an idea, this room before was a dark navy blue and had a queen bed in it. Callie’s baby room was getting a little small for her and honestly, ever since I switched her to a toddler bed she was waking up a lot in the middle of the night. I couldn’t pin point why but I thought that maybe it was too small for her and uncomfortable. I decided to get her a twin size bed and every since we transferred her over, she has not woken up at all in the middle of the night! She LOVES her new room and I really mean LOVES….she tells everyone she sees/meets that she has a new room with a pink bed, lol. Before, she would want us to lay down with her and we had several nights where we would spend a good hour in her room while she fell asleep. Now, she doesn’t even want us in her bed and falls asleep much easier. I’m really happy with how this room turned out. There are still a few things that I need to get but can wait on. For example, the dresser goes with the crib so when baby #2 comes we’ll have to put it back and get Callie a different one.

When I told Callie that she was going to get a new room, she specifically requested a pink bed. I was a little hesitant but found this one on When it came in we opened the box and her eyes lit up! She was so happy she got a pink bed. I knew I wanted this room to be light and airy and I am so happy with how this paint color came out. It is Mint Condition from Sherwin Williams. I didn’t even test it out, I googled it and saw some sample rooms and said let’s do it! Luckily, it came out really good because it could’ve gone really bad lol. The rug is from Ross, and the drapes and bedding are from Target. Most of the artwork on the walls came from her baby room and were handmade by me 🙂 (except the frames with her name spelled out-my sissy made that one). The side table by the chair is from Ikea and the other two side tables are from antique stores.

Overall, I think the room came out really nice! We find ourselves hanging out more often in Callie’s room than anywhere else because it is just so peaceful. 🙂

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