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I booked our reservations for Daytona through Groupon and found an incredible deal. Welp, you really get what you pay for and we soon realized that the hotel we were staying at was not that great and the area was kinda sucky as well. We found it so weird because you would think that the beach is prime real estate and everything around it would be nice-wrong! Where we were staying was actually a little ghetto so we were happy when we found Beach St. It’s a cute street with tons of shops and restaurants and in a really nice area. We went one night for frozen yogurt and decided to go again the next day.

This was also the day we took Callie to the doctor because she hadn’t been feeling well. She ended up having two ear infections so we picked up her medicine and then went to lunch at this Italian restaurant which was amazing! Callie fell asleep in her stroller and Joshio and I had a great walk together. We got a green juice at this place called The Dancing Avocado Kitchen, which was delicious. We went back on our last day to have lunch and it was yummy!!!

I LOVE this kimono! The host at the restaurant actually complimented me on it and it’s super comfy. It’s great to wear with regular clothes or over your bathing suit and it’s on sale now! 🙂

Kimono: Shein   Top: Jollychic  Shoes: Target

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