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^Every time sand would get on her fingers^lolIMG_2252 IMG_2244 IMG_2237
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The rain held out for us on our first full day and thankfully we were able to enjoy the beach and hotel pool. This was Callie’s first experience at the beach, she did see a little when we went to California last year but that one doesn’t count cause she was really little 😉 hehe. She was still feeling under the weather but was a trooper and enjoyed swimming in the pool more than anything, she enjoys the pool much more than the beach (just like her momma). The weather was perfect and we ended the day eating some greasy pizza 😉 #vacationdiet

I’ve been trying out different bathing suit styles, I’ve always like this vintage style one and decided to give it a try. Not going to lie, it’s not my favorite style and I think you have to have a particular body type for this either super skinny or very curvy which I am neither lol. Better luck next time!

Swimsuit: Shein  Cover up: Target  Callie’s Swimsuit: Target

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