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^Pickaboo^^Morning snuggles^^Any milk left in there?!^ lol^What can I say, he loves mommy ^ πŸ™‚ ^He’s spoiled rotten^ ^Waking up big sister in the morning^

Welp, I’m back at work and my 3 month vacation is done! (single tear). I’m easing in this week and am only at the office 3 half days. I’m actually excited to be back Β and get my life back together lol. Like a mentioned, I took my maternity leave more like a vacation and focused on taking care of my babies and my home. But man, I sure do miss my little ones. I enjoyed my time with Jacob so much especially since Callie was still in preschool when he was born and I was able to have alone time with him every morning for about two months πŸ™‚ This was so important in making that connection and bond with him. Once Callie was out of school he was Β 2 months old already and I had a better handle on things. From then on I was able to enjoy spending time with both of them and further strengthening their bond as siblings.

I love my DSLR camera and the quality of pictures it takes but some of my most memorable moments spent at home were taken with my iphone. The quality is not that great and most are pretty blurry but they are raw and in the moment pictures that I will cherish forever.

Jacob’s spent his first month sleeping in our bed on a little co-sleeper bed. After about a month we moved him to his crib in his bedroom. I remember when he would wake up to feed around 7am and I’d bring him to our bed to nurse, then we would fall asleep together snuggled up and continue sleeping till who knows when. By this time one of the grandmas would come and get Callie ready for school and they’d be off. The next few hours consisted of breakfast in bed, more napping, and binge watching Law and Order…the good life, lol. Once Callie would come back from school I was all caught up on my sleep and was ready for her.

Life with two kids isn’t always easy but this time will pass too quickly and one day they will be grown so I plan on soaking in every minute with them πŸ™‚


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