Baby Jacob | 4 Months


Hi There!
Jacob turned four months last week and I wanted to document a few things before I forget! When he was born I kept thinking, what did we do with Callie? How was she sleeping at this stage? How much was she eating? It’s crazy how we forget all the small things that at the moment are so important. So here we go…

Jacob is such a sweetheart! However, in the beginning he was a very complicated and a fussy baby…lol. He was a lot harder to figure out than Callie and was always fussing about something. He wouldn’t take a paci, was gassy and spit up often. It wasn’t until he hit around 6 weeks that things got a lot easier. Right now at four months he drinks about 5oz of milk every three hours while I’m at work. I nurse in the evenings and then he takes another bottle before bed. When I nurse on the weekends he can eat every 2 hours sometimes but usually makes it to 3. I actually started giving him oatmeal cereal at 3.5 months, once a day. He enjoyed it and it didn’t upset his stomach. The next week I introduced bananas and he like that as well. I thought maybe it would help him sleep better (since at night he was still waking up once or twice) but it actually didn’t do anything! So, since it wasn’t necessary I stopped and he didn’t seem to mind going without. Every now and then if I notice he’s really hungry I will give him some oatmeal cereal mixed with breastmilk. I’ll probably officially start him on solids once he hits 5 months.

He started rolling over a week before he turned 4 months and it is the cutest thing to watch 🙂 I immediately stopped swaddling him (since it’s dangerous) and transitioned him to the zipadeezip sleep sack. It took him a few nights to adjust and getting used to being mobile but now he is doing great. His nights are still pretty unpredictable. We usually put him to sleep between 8:45-9:15, he might wake up at 2am or 4am or 6:30am. Like I said, it’s usually once a night to nurse and then he wakes up around 9/9:30 to start his day. Somedays we’re out and about at night and he won’t go to sleep until 10pm which makes for a rough night. It’s so true when they say the earlier you get them to sleep, the longer they sleep for (weird but it works). I must say that the last two nights he’s slept through the night! From 9pm-9am. It could be one of three things-the fact that I gave him formula (which we’ve tried before and it didn’t do anything to make him sleep longer), the fact that we changed his white noise to lullabies (he loves music) or he could be going through a growth spurt. Either way, this momma will take the extra snooze time!

He started smiling a little after two months and I absolutely love his dimple! His laugh is the cutest and I love it when he tries to talk. Sometimes I actually think he says Mama but that could just be me lol.

We love you baby J!

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