So I’m catching up on adding my travel videos to my blog just to have everything linked to one place.

We traveled to Argentina in 2012 to visit family for the first time. We had such an amazing trip. I’m glad I was able to see and experience a part of my mom’s childhood along with my hubby, sissy and brother-in-law. Oh! and my mom too! Duh!

Other than spending time with my cousins and aunt, the most memorable thing was the food. It was amazing! So tasty and flavorful. Meal time is different down there too, people actually like to sit for hours and just talk when here in the states people are use to easting and going (busy, busy). The lifestyle¬†in Argentina is much more sociable and easy going, it could’ve been because we were on vacation, I dunno.

Anyway here is our video diary from this trip. Enjoy!


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