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I seriously can’t believe it’s been seven years already! Anniversaries are so special especially nowadays when people break things off so easily and marriage is becoming less and less important. I plan on doing another post on our “love story” so I’m not going to share so much on how we met and yada yada. BUT, I do want to mention that marriage aint easy. Especially when you get married at 20 years old. Our first couple of years of marriage was rough, we were learning how to deal with each other’s personalities and in the process I was still maturing and growing up. We’ve made mistakes, yelled at each other, and even thrown things! I know, not pretty but sometimes you have to go through things to get to the place you are now. And right now, Joshio and I are so happy and in love. I thank God everyday for the man he’s blessed me with and for the daughter we get to raise.

As I mentioned on my FB post, someone told me (when we first got married) about the seven year itch. It’s actually pretty horrible, supposedly it’s a time when couples are tired of each other, no longer desire to be with one another and need a change. Me, being as young as I was, actually got worried and wondered if that would happen to us. Welp, 7 years later I can proudly say that Joshio and I are stronger than ever. We still have our flaws and by no means are we perfect but with the Lord guiding us and uniting us more and more every year, nothing can break us apart.

Anyway, so now on to details of our anniversary. Joshio made a reservation at a really nice restaurant called Canoe. It’s right off of the Chattahoochee river. The view was beautiful and the food was amazing. I don’t know the exact names of our meals but I got chicken and Joshio got steak and of course we had some dessert. It was the perfect night. Joshio got me this beautiful bracelet that is SO ME. Afterwards we went to go pick up our little one from family and on the way back we broke out into “oldies” and by oldies I mean singing “oops I did it again” from Britney Spears and “Always be my baby” from Mariah Carey…lol! I know, I know, those aren’t oldies to some but I grew up listening to those songs–haha!

That was pretty much the end of our night, nothing fancy-just love 🙂

Have a great day!

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