7 Day Detox Drop | First Day!

Hi Everyone,

So I’m really excited about this! Lately, I’ve been feeling a little sluggish, heavy, tired and just blah. We were on vacation and ate out A LOT and honestly since we’ve been back it hasn’t gotten any better. I’m usually pretty good at meal planning and making healthy meals at home but I’ve just been lazy lately and unwilling.

I’ve been wanting to do a detox for a while now but could never find the right time. I’ve been eating tons of processed foods and the sugar addict in me has gotten worse.

Detoxifying your body is really important. A detoxification program helps properly cleanse your body by performing the following:

• Assists in removing all of the toxic waste buildup

• Provides respite from certain foods so that the body can reboot, repair, and heal 

Here are some more benefits to detoxifying your body:

• Weight Loss Help: Weight loss is an added benefit of the detoxification process. Toxins are an obstacle to burning fat and can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. A detox helps clear these toxins, improves metabolism, and initiates weight loss. By establishing better long-term nutrition and fitness habits, the weight should stay off.

• Digestive System Improvement: Clearing away waste, buildup, and toxins from the body results in a healthier digestive system. Excessive gas, acidity, constipation, and many other issues are often cleared up or reduced as a result of detoxification.

• Healthier Skin: As you initially start your detox process, you may feel that your skin looks worse. However, that is simply a visible sign that your body has begun eliminating the toxins from your system. Eventually, your skin will improve and have a healthier look and feel.

• Revitalized Body: After a detox, most people feel more energetic with an improved sense of mood and well-being.

• Stronger Immune System: The immune system fails to function optimally when the body is full of toxins or other harmful substances. The detoxification process gives the immune system a boost by clearing away toxins and frees the organs to function properly. Other benefits of a detox include improved memory, relief from persistent headaches, clearer thinking, reduced food cravings, better breath, healthier hair, and relief from muscle aches and fatigue. As a result, you will see a cleaner, healthier, and slimmer body.

^(Straight from the detox guide)^

I did one in the beginning of the year for 15 days and it was soooo hard. I did this on my own and it was really stressful trying to figure our what to eat each day and coming up with recipes. I didn’t want to go that hard again so I decided to do this 7 day detox that’s already prepared. I found this on instagram and decided to give it a try.

For $25 you get an instant download of the:

  • Detox Drop Guide
  • Recipe Book
  • Shopping List
  • and Macro List

I think it’s a pretty good deal. So far, I’ve made my meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for each day for the entire 7 days. I like this plan because it gradually weans you off certain foods and you can actually still eat! There is an additional 3 day juice cleanse at the end that you can do but I haven’t decided whether to do it or not.


I’ll be posting my experience during and after the 7 days. I’ll also be sharing my meal plan for each day so stay tuned! Wish me luck!

*Disclaimer- Not a sponsored post.

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