6 Weeks Later

^Scared I was going to drop her^ lol

So, 6 weeks later after delivering baby Jacob and I’m alive and well lol. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, adjusting to having a newborn at home and our new family dynamic but I feel things have settled a bit and we are adjusting well to our new normal. It’s getting easier to go out and enjoy life and do things outside of the house. Callie has adjusted well and is totally in love with Jacob. She kisses him all the time, baby talks him, and always wants to caress him. The other day she was so excited cause she said that when he’s older/bigger they can sleep together in the same room, lol. Then she asked who would sleep in the crib and I told her maybe we’ll have another baby and she got super excited haha. She is too cute and loves her new big sister title.

I’ve really enjoyed my days here at home. We’re at the halfway mark and in another 6 weeks I will have to go back to work so I am soaking up every moment with Jacob- sleeping in, cuddling in momma’s bed, nursing as often as I can and just taking it easy. Oh! and let’s not forget binge watching Law and Order lol.

Pics from when we enjoyed a gorgeous day at Little Mulberry Park. 🙂

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