10 Tips For Breastfeeding Success

Hi Mommas!

I’m not going to make this post too long since I share a lot in the video. I am three months into breastfeeding and wanted to share some tips and tricks that have helped me tremendously with my breastfeeding journey.

  1. Nurse on demand for first 8 weeks
  2. Get flanges sized
  3. Lube flanges with coconut oil
  4. Pump after nursing, power pump
  5. Eat milk boosting foods
  6. Take Brewer’s Yeast
  7. Drink plenty of water, especially before bed
  8. Use or make a pump bra for hands free pumping
  9. Get car adapter for pump for on the go pumping
  10. Find a great nursing cover

(watched the video below for a detailed description for each tip)

Bonus tips:

  1. Massage breasts while nursing/pumping
  2. Join a breastfeeding support group on FB. Getting support from other mommas has helped me so much


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